Chicago Restaurant Entertainment

Restaurant Entertainment

Magician Jaime Aponte provides the perfect restaurant entertainment, engaging guests and providing a more memorable dining experience.

Nowadays more and more people are
opting for drive-thru or carry-outs.

"Restaurants really have to provide an exceptional dining experience, because more and more people are taking their food home with them" instead of dining in the restaurant, says John Scroggins, director of public relations for Noble & Associates in Chicago (Restaurants USA, Feb. 1998). "It's not just about serving food anymore. It's about the whole experience, from the time a customer walks in through the door".

Today's consumers expect entertainment as
well as good food when they go out to eat.

These are some of the Restaurant that have set them self apart from the competition by providing a unique and memorable restaurant entertainment. Jaime Aponte is a high energy professional strolling magician that adds amusement and entertainment to a restaurant dining experience.

  • Giordano's Pizza - Morton Grove, IL
  • The RAM Restaurant - Schaumburg, IL
  • The RAM Restaurant - Rosemont, IL
  • The Bennigan's - Niles, IL
  • D'Agostino's Pizza - Glenview, IL
  • Home Run Inn Pizza - Chicago, IL
  • Home Run Inn Pizza - Addison, IL
  • Home Run Inn Pizza - Darien, IL


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Set Your Restaurant Apart From The Competition,
Have "Magician Jaime Aponte aka J-Magic" Conjure Up Great Excitement at Your Restaurant While Greatly Levitating Your Sales.

"Your Restaurant's commitment would simply be 2 hours a week,"
A HUGE return for a small investment.

If you're a Restaurant or Club Owner/Manager and are
interested in having Magic Entertainment at your establishment,

Contact Jaime Aponte for a Quote and Audition Today!


Restaurant Owners have your guest enjoy Great Food & Complimentary Magic Entertainment

Unique Fine Dining and Magical Experience - Magician Jaime Aponte performance amazing strolling close-up magic, leaving the guest amazed, excited and full of anticipation for his next performance, also creating fun animal balloons for the children.

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Currently Available Every Tuesday or Wednesday Evening

From 6pm to 8pm.

These Are Normally Slow Nights For Restaurants

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