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Amazing Comedy Magic Show At Residential Birthday Parties & Small Gathering - Kid Tested & Parent Approved!


As you know, the benefit of hiring a Top Notch Experienced Professional Magician like "Jaime Aponte" is the key to making your child's party memorable and impressive, he entertains thousands of children & Adults, across Illinois every year.

Magician Jaime Aponte is the perfect entertainer for folks of all ages, by creating an unforgettable and entertaining atmosphere at your celebration event, which will be remembered for many years to come by your guests


Birthday Package # 1

Birthday Parties that is Fun, Affordable, Hassle-free and very Kid-friendly!

"What The Eyes See, The Mind Believes" - Harry Houdini

**** Birthday Party Packages & Features ****

Package # 1: (30 Minutes) Amazing and Hilarious "Clean Family" Comedy Magic Show with plenty of Audience Participations and Interaction - A unique blend of high energy magic. Countless magical effects, Items vanish and reappear elsewhere, rope tricks and so much more! Getting the children involved throughout the show as helpers adds fun and laughter to the occasion! The children will be laughing non-stop from the time the show starts to the very end. Children will be sitting on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next. The Birthday Child is the Star of The Show.

Take Advantage of the "Spring 2018" Special Discounted Prices

Book Today & Save $30 - Offer Extended thru July 31, 2018

Was $275 Now $245 - Additional Services Offered - Info/Prices Listed Below

Children have been known to spontaneously "explode with laughter" when having this much fun...


Birthday Package # 2

**** For Only An Additional $25 ****

**** More Time and Beautiful Live Animals ****


Package # 2: (Live Animals!) 40-45 Minutes Amazing Magic Show with Live Animals (Beautiful Doves & Adorable Bunny) - This Amazing Package has twice the nonstop excitement of action packed, high energy magic entertainment and comedy with plenty of audience participation and interaction. This is an unforgettable entertainment with mind-boggling magic tricks that happens right before the audience eyes and beautiful animals appearing during the show. Throughout the show, the birthday child and their guests will help to magically appear several beautiful live doves and Rex the most adorable soft bunny!

Imagine having the birthday child and some of their guest waving colorful silks up and down, to show them empty, we place the silks together and a beautiful white dove appears. That is just one of the fun illusions with the animals. Talk about making a special memory for the entire audience that is also designed to leave a lasting and positive impact on your child and their guests that they will never forget!

Please contact Magician Jaime Aponte immediately for this Magic show with live animals, once you have scheduled your event as he does book up fairly quickly, since he specialize in family magic with live animals (Beautiful Doves and an Adorable Bunny) in his magic shows, where most other magician do not. It's a very exciting Magic Show for the children and grown-ups.

Take Advantage of the "Spring 2018" Special Discounted Prices

Book Today & Save $30 - Offer Extended thru July 31, 2018

Was $300 Now $270 - Additional Services Offered - Info/Prices Listed Below

Note: Amazing Magic Show with beautiful live animals creates a unique magical and memorable experience for the children and your guests - Most magicians don't offer trained live animals in their shows, as I do.

*** Avoid Losing The Desire Date & Time You Want *** Don't Wait Until The Last Minute To Reserve The Magician *** Magic Shows Are On A First Come First Serve Basis ***







"But Wait! There's More..."

*** Additional Services Offered ***

BALLOON ANIMALS: Perfect for your child’s birthday party! Add to your show a balloon animal for each child. Wait until you see the children’s' faces light up when they get their balloon animal!


Balloons Animal Creations: (Birds, Rabbits, Puppies, Flowers, Laser Shooter, Swords, etc)

Up to 10-25 Kids - $75 $50 (Adds 15 to 20 minutes after Magic Show)

Up to 26-50 Kids - $100 $75 (Adds 25 to 30 minutes after Magic Show)

Up to 51-75 Kids - $125 $100 (Adds 30 to 45 minutes after Magic Show)

Great Saving since Balloon Twisters typically cost $175 to $250

CHOKING HAZARD - Balloons will only be given to children over the age of 3 with parental consent. Broken or un-inflated, balloons can choke or suffocate young children and pets who try to chew or swallow them. Balloons are made of latex (allergy warning). Adult supervision required. Discard broken balloons at once.


Mystical Fortune Telling Fish Trick: Just place on the palm, wiggle your fingers over it, and watch what happens! It begins to curl up or jiggle off your hand, all by itself! The children will believe they are performing magic!

.50 each or 30 for $15 fish

CHOKING HAZARD—Fish Trick will only be given to children over the age of 3 with parental consent. Adult supervision required as young children can choke, if placed in their mouth.


EXOTIC MAGIC - 5 FT. TRAINED SNAKE MAGICALLY APPPEARS:  To add a little sense of danger and excitement, the magician can also make an amazing live snake appear in the middle of the show, the kids will scream with delight when "Samson" (A Real Friendly Snake) is magically produced - this is another big hit with the kids and grown-ups. This is a large prop to travel with and requires additional time to setup.

(Parents, None of the children or guests are ever in danger as they don't come up for this illusion - The Snake Illusion is by request only)

Fee $35.00 to be added to package 2.


LEVITATION ILLUSION - FLOATING A CHILD IN MID-AIR: Imagine the look on everyone's face when a child defies the laws of gravity by magically staying suspended in mid-air, thus creating a truly memorable and absolutely breathtaking effect to say the least. Another wonderful photo opportunity to remember the highlight of your magical event!

Weight Limit 70 Pounds: If child is slightly over the suggested weight limit, another child such as sibling, cousin, classmate, etc. may be substituted.

 Fee $35.00 to be added to either package 1 or 2






Security Deposit: A non-refundable deposit maybe required to secure the desire Date & Time for the Entertainment. You may reschedule your entertainment package and carryover your deposit within 60 days of the original event date. Deposits are waived for Companies, Park Districts, Public Libraries and Schools.

Travel Fees: No Travel Fee within 20-25 miles from my office in Skokie, IL - Small Travel Fee of $15 beyond 25-35 miles from office - Travel charge of $25 from 35-50 miles after that. (Minimal Travel Fees covers Travel Distant, Travel Time, Cost of Gas, Vehicle Upkeep & Road Tolls)

Parking Fee: Any parking fees incurred by the entertainer(s) must be fully validated and/or reimbursed by the client.

Chicago Loop Travel Fee $35 Traffic congestion can make a trip to the Chicago area take four times as long - Magician needs to give himself an extra hour in case unexpected delays occurs.

Delay Due To Client(s): If the performance agreed start time is changed or delayed due to client(s), the performer reserves the right to cut short his performance in case of other engagements, the full fee is still to be paid.


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